Our Work

What we’re working on


We’re infusing a focus on the customer via design thinking into a company born from government contracts and engineering. Educating and evangelizing the difference between design and Design, demonstrating where and how we can help have an impact and sharing why we like to look at outcomes not just outputs.


Creating a Design System for a diverse set of users, products, business segments isn’t easy…and we love the challenge. We’re working with our engineering and product partners to bring consistency, clarity, and quality in our product design and development process.


Our team solve experience design problems related to getting people onto, using, and getting the most out of the internet service we provide.

  • A residential or business customer who needs to manage their data usage;
  • A traveler who wants to watch their favorite show while they’re at 30,000 feet;
  • An operations manager who needs to ensure they have internet on their next mission;

We design for them all and many more.